Dear all,

As I presented to you few days ago the Nao Developer Program was ready to be released (see this post).

Today is the day!!!!!! This evening we are sending the first invitations.

You need an invitation from a developer member to be part of this adventure.  The price of the Nao Developer Program is 3600€ which includes your own robot and everything you need to get started!

Where can you find your invitation ? Have a look at the main robotics forums and blogs, I’m sure that you can find invitations there.

Let me give you an overview of the description pages.

Who are we looking for?

  • Participate in a privileged international community of pioneer developers!
  • Each candidate must pass a programming test to ensure the highest level of skills.
  • Only 200 of the best developers from around the world will be selected to participate.
  • The “Happy Few” Developer Program members:
    • have excellent programming skills
    • are motivated by creativity
    • are visionary
    • are entrepreneurs
    • enjoy challenges
  • The NAO Developer Program relies on a collaborative effort:
  • Together with Aldebaran Robotics you will develop your NAO’s personality and behaviors.
  • Exchange developments with the community!
    • Share developments that are integrated into NAO through behavior channels by theme (examples include entertainment, gaming, humor,…you can even create your own channels by personality style).
    • Sell your behavior applications to Aldebaran Robotics clients using the online NaoStore!

What do you get?

The Developer Program is a privileged place for exchange between Aldebaran Robotics Developers and you!
For a one-time entry fee of 3,600€ (including taxes), each participant receives:

Aldebaran Robotics
latest innovation and developments

Aldebaran Robotics will allow you to be part of a privileged team with access to the latest innovation and developments in the state of the art field of humanoid robotics.
You will have access to code, to the SDK and prototypes from Aldebaran Robotics thanks to the dedicated website Developer Program.

NAO, humanoid robot

NAO, a state of the art fully-programmable 58cm humanoid robot will be your platform to develop behaviors and apps, and bring the robot alive with the community.

Today there are more than 1000 NAO used by laboratories and universities worldwide for research and education in the field of robotics, computer sciences, cognitive sciences, mathematics, vision, sensors, motion…etc. NAO is also famous in the research community. The robot is not yet available to the general public, but together we are going to prepare this adventure.

A complete software suite

You will have immediate access to a complete suite of software for your NAO, which comes ready to be programmed – what NAO can do is up to your imagination and skills!

NAO contains an open framework called NaoQi. It can be programmed in different ways thanks to Choregraphe, our user-friendly behavior editor. You can program by creating sequences of pre-defined behavior boxes or code your own behavior boxes.

With Choregraphe, you can program with Python, URBi script, (.Net and Visual Studio or C# are compatible). But you can also program NAO with our SDK, using C++ and directly access the NaoQi Application Programming Interface (API). NaoQi APIs are well documented, introspective and enable the user to take advantage of:

  • High Level Modules : Walk engine, whole body motion, Speech recognition, voice synthesis, face detection, face recognition, sound localization, and many more
  • low level access to NAO’s sensors and actuators

With the SDK, it is easy to get the image or sound stream from the robot. This can be done locally or remotely.
We also provide a program called Telepathe designed to collect the data from the sensors, and NAOsim, a 3D simulator to quickly test and debug NAO’s behavior and applications.

Be part of a strong and active community

The Developer Program website will give you access to an international community of 200 top selected developers. A forum will enable you to interact with Aldebaran-Robotics specialists and Developer Program community members including:

  • Code versioning tools, wiki and bug tracker for each project
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Project development workspace
  • Data repository and wiki

Privileged access to Aldebaran-robotics source code

You will have access to some important source code, to the SDK, and to projects from Aldebaran Robotics team of engineers. The website will enable you to create and share your project with the Developer Program Community and Aldebaran Robotics R&D. You can also join existing projects or create new common tasks with other community members. Even better: you can propose your own developments for integration into NAO’s official distribution or in the online NAOstore. You will be considered as the high representative users.

NAOstore prototype

As part of the community, you will be among the first to access the NAOstore, where you can share and sell applications to other developers.