Scapel 1,5kg proto - Side view

Since few weeks I’m playing with the IOIO Board during my off time. This project is designed to be connected to a Android phone.

The target of this project is to create a high precision 2 wheels robot driven by an Android phone and release as an open source project. I call it the Scalpel. Max speed will be around 2 meter/second and positionning is done by 2 fully independent odometric wheels and distance sensors (sharp gp2d120). Weight will be 1.5kg or 6kg depending of motors and H Bridge power. Due to wheels size this robots will be more appropriate to be used on a flat floor such as a robotic competition floor or sport hall.

I bought the first board on Sparkfun : IOIO 10585. But since, a new version was release : IOIO 10748. This board has been develop by ytai as an open source project. It is a very active project and many information could be find here : ytai blog or here : IOIO google group

general view of IOIO board

Few weeks ago, I choose to develop a differential drive robot with my friends Sylvère (software), P’tit Flo (hardware design) and PA. We all want to design a very high level 2 wheels robot.

This is a view of the very early stage robot (hugh… I mean the electronic stuff, not the baby…):

Scalpel 1.5 Robot : My daughter at work

Here is the first print screen of my android app to control the robot :

First print screen of the scalpel android app.

The displayed map is the obstacle presence probability. This map is loaded from a bitmap and distance sensors (sharp gp2d120) are used to display real obstacles on the map. This map will be used as input of some path finding algorithm implementations.

It runs on my nexus S android phone. It runs well without lags or cpu overloading. My first tests told me that the basic control loops takes less than 5% of the cpu. Still, I have the secret hope to make some onboard video processing using the built camera.

Scapel1,5kg proto - Motor wheel and odometric wheel

Scapel1,5kg proto - Side view

Many parts has been done using 3D printing :

Scapel proto : 3D Printing parts

Tires was melt in silicon :

Scalpel proto : tire's silicon mould and wheel frame

Magnetic encoder frame et silicon tires


Here is the general view of electronic design :

Scalpel 1.5 proto : general electronic description


I did a video, it is not well done and the music is border line ;) sorry