Welcome to a new experience for collective writing.

Some peoples already know that I am very curious about collective writing. Sometime ago, I have tried to implement an experiment in this field. @wriite is a new experimentation using twitter as the communication tools.

Follow this twitter bot to be notify of changes :

The main idea is to vote for the next letter of a sentence. We use twitter to vote for a letter.
The twitter bot’s name is @wriite and it will automatically read and send a tweet back each time a new letter is added to the sentence.

If you want to participate :

  • Read the current sentence posted by @wriite.
  • Post a tweet with @wriite and your letter.
  • Alternatively, you can post the keyword “space” if you want to add a space to the sentence (twitter does not allow only a space in the message). So your message could be “space @wriite”, “@wriite space”, “m @wriite”, “@wriite m”.
After a few people have voted for a same letter it becomes the next letter of the sentence.
Let’s see what “we” could write together…
PS : In the future more complex keywords could be added such as (“backspace”, “delete last word”, “delete last sentence”, …)

The current sentence:

a new world is co_

The current votes :


date : 1365786244.39