I’m working as product designer at Aldebaran Robotics in Paris. With my team, we are in charge getting our humanoid robot, NAO, ready to launch for the general public! It is a fantastic adventure!

We are working on NAO’s behaviors, making the robot do things like walk, dance, kick a ball and loads of other things. I also make the tools for other developers to create their own applications for NAO.

I’m living in Paris with Iris (my wife) and Luce (my lovely 22 months old daughter).

Why this blog ?

For the last 6 years, I have invested massive amounts of  time on NAO and now it is time to show what we have done. A blog is nice way to share ideas, and to explain a point of view. It is also a good way to share interest with everybody :

  • Nao, the humanoid robot
  • Robots in general
  • Computer technologies
  • Friend’s experiments
  • Everything else ;)
By the way, I’m also designing robotics at home and I’m teaching robotics. So you could find here some individual robotics realization.