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NAO Open Source

Aldebaran Robotics shares source code with its community.

Five years of development in embedded software for humanoid robots shared with fellow researchers and developers.NAO Open Sources

(May 13, 2011 – ICRA Shanghai, China) Aldebaran Robotics, the world-leading European humanoid robotics company announced at the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation its decision to share a significant part of its source code with the research and developer community by the end of 2011.

“We will release our software as OPEN SOURCE to allow researchers, teachers, and developers to adapt and extend our software according to their needs and knowledge, said Bruno Maisonnier, the founder and CEO of Aldebaran Robotics. “Building robotics applications is challenging: applications are built upon many state-of-the-art complex technologies like speech recognition, object recognition, grasping, navigation and mapping. Applications need to be secure and be able to run in a constrained environment with limited resources. With over five years of experience in developing embedded systems for robotics platforms, we want to share our middleware, our core communication library, our cross-platform build tools and other essential modules with researchers, developers and emerging projects in humanoid robotics”, he added.

NAOqi, the embedded software on NAO, includes a highly cross-platform, fast, secure, reliable and distributed robotics framework which provides a comprehensive foundation for developers to leverage and improve NAO’s functionality.

Check the full announcement on the NAO Developer Program website

We’ve got invitations to the NAO Developer Program for you !

You watched the last Engadget Show and learned that the NAO Developer Program was launched a couple of days ago?

As you know, you must be invited by a community member to have a chance to be selected.

Linux, Python, or C++ don’t have any secrets for you and you think you can do amazing things that could give Nao even more skills and fun ?

Here is your chance to be one of these 200 pioneer developers!

We reserved a couple of invitations especially for this occasion and will distribute them to you.

Just send us an email to developer at about your motivations and skills or post a comment below.

Don’t miss today’s Engadget Show at 6:30pm !

Hello everybody !

Today, at 6:30 pm, Nao will make it’s Show from the Times Center of New York City!

And Jérôme Monceaux himself will show you how easy it is to create a new behavior for Nao.

The Engadget Show

Here is the news from Engadget:

You will be eable to see the show though this Feed:

And don’t forget, if you like Nao, Linux, C++ or Python, there’s a Developer Program for that!

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