Scapel 1,5kg proto - Side view

Since few weeks I’m playing with the IOIO Board during my off time. This project is designed to be connected to a Android phone.

The target of this project is to create a high precision 2 wheels robot driven by an Android phone and release as an open source project. I call it the Scalpel. Max speed will be around 2 meter/second and positionning is done by 2 fully independent odometric wheels and distance sensors (sharp gp2d120). Weight will be 1.5kg or 6kg depending of motors and H Bridge power. Due to wheels size this robots will be more appropriate to be used on a flat floor such as a robotic competition floor or sport hall.

I bought the first board on Sparkfun : IOIO 10585. But since, a new version was release : IOIO 10748. This board has been develop by ytai as an open source project. It is a very active project and many information could be find here : ytai blog or here : IOIO google group

general view of IOIO board

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